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Fort Energy - Your Trusted EV Charging
Design & Project Management Partner

Are you looking to make the switch to electric vehicles and install charging infrastructure at your business or apartment complex? At Fort Energy, we specialize in providing comprehensive project management services for EV charging installations, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and residential communities. With our expertise, we'll ensure a smooth process from start to finish, including sourcing reliable EV charging providers, managing the tender process, and overseeing the entire installation in addition to supporting the SEAI Apartment Charger Grant application process if relevant.

EV Charger

Why Fort Energy?

Our team of experienced professionals understands the complexities involved in implementing EV charging infrastructure, and we are here to simplify the process for you. By choosing Fort Energy, you gain a strategic partner who will design the right solution for your needs, navigate the intricacies of sourcing the right EV charging providers, conduct a competitive tender process, and overseeing the installation to guarantee quality and efficiency.

About the SEAI Apartment Charger Grant

The SEAI Apartment Charger Grant assists residents and management companies who want to install a home charger for their Electric Vehicle which are not covered by pre-existing grants. 

​Apartment EV Charger Grant Levels:

  • Local Authority or Approved Housing Body can avail of 90% funding.

  • Owners Management Companies can avail of an 80% funding level.

  • Management Companies of Build-to-Rent Developments can avail of up to 60% funding. 

If you manage or own apartments or other multi-unit developments you can now avail of a grant to cover the installation of an Electric Vehicle charging system on your site. Improve your client services by offering EV Charging points in the site car park. 

EV Charging Services

Designer Comparing Samples

Concept Designs

Provide concept designs to meet your EV charging requirements which will form the basis of the project scope. We analysis the entire complex and engage with the residents to design the ideal solution to meet current and future EV charging needs. 

Financial Report

Expert Project Management

Expert Project Management: Fort Energy's skilled project managers will oversee every aspect of the installation, ensuring timely completion and adherence to industry standards. We coordinate with all stakeholders involved, including contractors and electricians, to guarantee a seamless installation process with minimal disruption to your residents.

Electric Car Charger

Source EV Charging Providers

Source Reliable EV Charging Providers: Fort Energy will leverage our extensive network of trusted EV charging providers to find the best match for your apartment complex. We carefully assess each provider's expertise, reliability, pricing, and post installation services to ensure you receive the highest quality solution that meets your requirements.

Writing an application

Grant Application Assistance

Grant Application Assistance: Take advantage of the available grants and incentives to offset the costs of your EV charging infrastructure. Fort Energy will guide you through the grant application process, helping you navigate the paperwork and maximize your chances of securing financial support for your project.

Visual Project

Tender Process Management

Tender Process Management: We handle the entire tender process on your behalf, from drafting the tender documents to evaluating the proposals. Our team uses a transparent and objective approach to select the most suitable provider, ensuring fair competition and securing the best value for your investment.


Ongoing Maintenace 

We work with the chosen EV charging provider to set up a long term sustainable mainetance structure and agreement to future proof your investement in a cost effective way.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your apartment complex into an EV-friendly community? Contact Fort Energy today and let us handle all aspects of your EV charging project, from sourcing providers and managing tenders to expert project management and grant applications. Take the first step toward a sustainable future with Fort Energy.

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