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Energy Audits

With rising energy costs a key challenge for many Irish businesses, there is an energy audit grant that SEAI currently has on offer. This grant allows SMB's to avail of €2,000 towards our offering of a professional energy audit which helps busineses understand their energy usage, reduce costs, reduce risk and enhance their brand. 

What is an Energy Audit? 

An energy audit is carried out in three steps:


1. We carry out assessments with your onsite team through email and site visits to analyze your energy bills and on-site energy set up.


2. We provide your business with a full breakdown of your current energy consumption.


3. We create a proposal of recommended energy solutions. This proposal includes detailed energy calculations, no cost changes to reduce your bills, in addition to mid-large cost changes (e.g. solar) with estimated breakdowns including local grants you can avail of.

SEAI Grant Application

Eligibility to avail of €2,000 SEAI Grant 

1. Be an SME (private or public) in Ireland

2. Spend at least €10,000 per year on energy at the facility being audited

3. Ability to put aside 20 minutes to apply for the SEAI voucher scheme to offset the cost of the audit.

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